Winners of the Annual Fitness and Entertainment Awards Announced!

22 Aug, 2017

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On the evening of August 20, the annual Fitness and Entertainment Awards, hosted by CMG.ASIA, took place at Quan Khu 7 Indoor Stadium. UFC Gym reveals this year’s winners and other exciting moments from the star-studded night!

The First Ever Champions of Muscle Contest Vietnam Revealed!

21 Aug, 2017

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On Saturday the 19th of August, the first ever Muscle Contest Vietnam was held at Quan Khu 7 Indoor Stadium. Find out who the champions of this inaugural event were with UFC Gym!

The Great Benefits of Zumba!

18 Aug, 2017

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The ever-growing popularity of Zumba, which means “moving fast and having fun” in Spanish, is thanks to its catchy music and fun, easily replicated dance moves. It also helps you burn a high number of calories in a short amount of time! If you are a fan of dance, or even the opposite is true, this popular dance fitness programme will teach you great moves, help you relax and positively affect your health. Here are UFC Gym’s top 5 benefits of this trendy workout!

4 Types of Martial Arts for Optimal Self-Defence

17 Aug, 2017

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More and more people wish that they knew how to defend themselves if ever faced with a dangerous situation. Since we strongly believe in being safe anywhere and anytime here at UFC Gym Vietnam, here are our 4 martial arts for optimal self-defence that you should give a try.

Who You Can Expect to Find at LEEP ASIA!

17 Aug, 2017

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LEEP ASIA 2017 is part of the 10th anniversary celebration of CMG.ASIA! This 3 day expo will host exciting events such as the Celebrity Yogathon, the Muay Thai Fight Night, the MUSCLE CONTEST and the annual Fitness and Entertainment Awards. In addition to these events, the exhibition will feature leading brands that all play a part in the life enhancement industry!

Lan Khue: “Anyone Who Takes the Lead Puts the First Brick into a Solid Foundation”

16 Aug, 2017

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Lan Khue has officially been announced as the third judge of the Muscle Contest, the first professional bodybuilding competition in Vietnam! Lan Khue shared more about her new role with UFC Gym!

Get Ready for a Morning of Fitness at LEEP ASIA!

15 Aug, 2017

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LEEP ASIA 2017 kicks off with a morning jam packed full of fun fitness classes! GroupX activities (Les Mills Body Combat and Body Jam) and the Zumba Dance Fiesta will get your LEEP ASIA experience off to a high energy start!

Muscle Contest Preparation for Women from a UFC Coach

14 Aug, 2017

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On the second day of LEEP ASIA (19th August), the Muscle Contest will be held for the very first time in Vietnam. The Muscle Contest is a professional bodybuilding competition that is open to people of all ages and genders and is an opportunity for female fitness enthusiasts to show their physiques. UFC Gym coach Duong Thanh has some tips to help women prepare for this exciting event!

Hear Industry Leaders Speak at the LEEP Leadership Talks!

11 Aug, 2017

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The LEEP Leadership Talks, held on the first day of LEEP ASIA (18th of August) will focus on emerging trends and innovations related to the life enhancement industry. Each talk will be led by industry thought leaders and listeners will be able to hear about the latest health, sport and entertainment trends that are transforming our world today.

Eat Like a Champion with Tony Lowe

10 Aug, 2017

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Tony Lowe has had a passion for fitness almost his entire life and has immersed himself in the culture and current knowledge of whichever area of he has chosen to work in. Tony shares how to eat like a champion with UFC Gym!